Community Correspondent John celebrates 40 years of GAMH with an inspirational poem

This year, Glasgow Association for Mental Health celebrates 40 years of promoting mental health and wellbeing of people in their communities. Our Community Correspondent John has marked the occasion with some powerful and uplifting poetry, emphasising how the organisation’s strong vision and local services have continually flourished since 1978.


It’s forty years ago today

Who’d have thought GAMH was here to stay

Thanks to a visionary guy named Huw

He’d obviously thought the whole thing through

Care in the community was the way ahead

No more time in an institutional bed

Support in the community was all the rage

Mental health care had turned a page

They told us of rights that we all had

They had to listen it made us glad

No more doors shut in our face

Mental health rights are moving a pace

We can’t slow down we’ve come so far

We need the same investment they’ve got in ER

Keep moving ahead is what we have to do

Making us stronger the whole way through

Just moved forward and don’t look back

We know our rights we’ve got the facts

No more institutions has to be our goal

Care in the community has a strong role

Personal Recovery Plans were put in place

It’s put a smile upon our face

We know GAMH is here to stay

Here’s to GAMH we’ve come a long way!

Happy birthday to GAMH and here’s to the next 40 years! You can read more of John’s poetry and other writing by visiting his profile page on our blog.

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