We have big news – you can now subscribe to the Mind Waves Podcast!

We are very excited to launch our very own podcast.  Mind Waves is now available on Anchor and you can listen and subscribe wherever you usually get your podcasts.

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Our first episode is a must-listen, revealing what you can expect from the Mindwaves podcast each month and two fantastic features. We catch up with our inspiring Community Correspondent Maureen, who gives an honest account of the impact of anxiety disorder on her ability to get out and about, along with some encouraging insights into how she is preparing to overcome the barriers. There is also an exclusive performance from writer, musician and mental health advocate (and former Community Correspondent!), Angela McCrimmon which will absolutely blow you away.

Thank you to Maureen and Angela for sharing their experiences with such generosity and insight. We are also hugely grateful to the brilliant Carol Walker for providing the guidance, expertise and encouragement which enabled us to get started in the first place!

We hope you enjoy our first episode. We’d love to hear your feedback and ideas of what you’d like to hear in future episodes – don’t hesitate to get in touch via the website, on Twitter (@MindWaves1) or by leaving a review or message on Anchor – or wherever you get your podcasts – after listening!

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