Work in Progress!

A poem from our Community Correspondent Robert Terry


Pressures been building for a while

Found looking for peace of mind

Rhythmical mind I practiced freestyle

Doubts resolved and left behind


Revision of memory [and] dreams protected

Tugging threads, lost for direction

Instinct nurtures getting connected

Found knocking [on] doors of perception


[Essence] was found before times narrations

Resurgent feelings from point of genesis

Astral plains flashed [Cogito] painless conclusions

Invisible grounds for intuitive senses


Searching thoughts for thoughtful thinking

Clumsy thoughts need clear definitions

Driving want, for deep understanding

Essence then vessel symbiotic relations


Always near too hand, rejections despair

Found wanting feeling lost with honest solutions

Subject of regular failure, proof I didn’t care

Futilities lessons failed with every attempt at perfection


Always mind games, doubt unhinged everything

I wanted solid grounds for staying

Broken over and told again, life’s made for suffering

I found reason, with answers for being


I followed questions discovered new directions

Quietly accepted all my senses even self preservation

Helping me reach my soul’s inception, meditations revival

Lucid dreams, visitations and waking visions [as] real as your cognition

I’m Foundling, the light of my own revalations


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