What is menopause? Watch our animation here!

As part of our series on menopause, we’re releasing an animation!

This animation, titled What is menopause?  features a simple definition of the word menopause, outlines some physical and mental symptoms, and tells us about who undergoes menopause. Watch the animation by clicking the link below.


Soon, we’ll be sharing the second podcast episode in our miniseries Menopause and mental health part 2, Maddy

We would love to hear from you if you have experienced menopause and want to share your experience of how it affected your mental health. We would particularly like to hear from you if you felt like your relationship with gender intersected with your experience of menopause or periods. Additionally, we would love to talk to you if you have experience of any medical conditions that have affected your mental health, for better or worse. Please get in touch by emailing maddy@mindwavesnews.com, or messaging us on Twitter @mindwaves1 or Instagram @mindwaves_scot 

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