We’re going to be part of #100faces

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This week at our Community Correspondents meeting, we did something a little bit different. We had a visit from @gillianlambie who is part of the @100facesvoices project.

A hundred faces, a hundred voices wants to create a big, smiley mosaic of Scotland today. They want to tell a hundred stories about a hundred people in Scotland, from all walks of life. We love the idea and the look of the website, with its tiles of happy faces. Gillian explained it in a way that made a lot of sense: she said that a lot of us spend our lives looking at our phones and ignoring the people next to us. Why not pick up our phones and use them to learn and share something about the person next to us?

Gillian brought some cool recording kit with her and we had a go at interviewing each other and making a short recording to be included on the website. The hardest part was thinking of something interesting to say- it’s not always easy to think of what is interesting about yourself, but we heard some great stories.

We were all impressed that Hosnara can speak five languages. It was fascinating to hear Peter’s stories of the world beneath our feet from his years working in the sewers. And Lorna got personal and told the story of losing her virginity. We’ll share them as soon as Gillian has worked her magic and posted them to the website.

It was fascinating to hear the stories and we had a great time. Thanks Gillian. If you, or your group, want to tell your stories, let @gillianlambie know.

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