The silly box of goodies my friend gave me was exactly what I needed after I attempted suicide #friendship

box of joy

A post from our Community Correspondent Emma Goodlad

I think Buddy Boxes are a great idea. I can really relate to the joy of receiving a box of goodies, because the best thing I received was a personalised package from my own buddies who know me well  and know how to cheer me up.  

After attempting suicide earlier this year and staying in hospital for a couple of days, I arrived home to the best thing I could have received at that time.  

Our good friends Lisa and Craig had put together a box full of fun bits and bobs that they knew I’d love. Wee bits like:

  • Breaking Bad merchandise
  • earrings in the shape of watermelon that are exactly the sort of thing that I like to wear
  • snacks
  • lots of different kinds of tea
  • a Justin Timberlake single (Lisa and I originally bonded years ago over a mutual love of JT)
  • a hat and scarf set with sheep on them. It didn’t matter that it was summer, Lisa and Craig know that I am a really cold person and the hat and scarf will be well used when the weather changes (and it’s just about time to start wearing them).

But what meant most to me about this package was the love, care and thought that had been put in to the contents of the box, and it contained an incredibly heartfelt letter.

The letter said exactly what I needed to hear at that point in time. It was thoughtful, kind and funny and told me how much I am loved.  My favourite moment in the letter was this:

“You may not realise this, but I decided when I met you , that I was keeping you.  So as far as I’m concerned, that’s a binding contract.  I think I even whispered it, so verbal contract holds in Scotland – you can’t leave me now!”

I needed that – I needed to know I was loved, but the fact that it was in a way which was light hearted and non-judgemental was perfect.  So, I feel really lucky that  I got a box that came from the heart,  filled with love, thoughtful things and arrived just at the right time.

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