The best friends are the ones you don’t have to tidy up for #myunfilteredlife

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There’s a certain social pressure that demands that we are presentable to our guests; that we tidy up and put some clothes on. In fact, half the time, even after frantically tidying, we apologise to our guests for the mess when they arrive. How many time have you visited someone and they’ve commented on how much of a mess their place is, even when it seems positively immaculate compared to what you’ve left behind?

The thing is, the time when we most need our friends is often the time when we are least able to “put on a face”. There are times when you want company, but you just can’t find the energy to get dressed and tidy up.

It can be lonely.

The best friendships are the ones where you don’t have to bother. The best friends can see you in your pyjamas, when the place is a mess. They might even offer to help tidy up.

And do you know what? It works both ways. It’s a real privilege when someone is comfortable enough to let you see them in their jogging bottoms. We spend so much time presenting our “best selves” on social media. It’s a sign of a deepening friendship when we can be vulnerable together. And it’s such a relief to see that other people aren’t perfect either.




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