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Lena Dunham, panic attacks and getting back to feeling human: part 2 of a diary of antidepressant withdrawal

Our Community Correspondent Emma Goodlad @goodlademma shares part two of her diary of reducing her antidepressants The reality of reducing dosage of meds part 3…wide awake at 2am having a panic attack and not being able to stop crying. #myunfilteredlife #seemescotland @seemescotland #StartTalking #MentalHealth #AntiDepressants #SSRIwithdrawal #SSRI #Sertraline #depression #mentalillness #recovery #realityofdepression #nofilter #unfiltered A […]

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I can’t express my gratitude for my friend’s kindness- part one of a diary of antidepressant withdrawal from @goodlademma

A post from our Community Correspondent Emma Goodlad I’ve been on antidepressants since 2015. Compared to some this is a relatively short time. I know people have been on antidepressants for years and will likely continue to take them for the foreseeable future –  it’s not uncommon. For the last few months of 2017, I […]

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Emma, with pink hair

Bed, sleep, head: a sleep diary from @GoodladEmma

The first installment of a sleep diary from Community Correspondent Emma Goodlad Lately, due to a number of factors, my sleep routine, and ability to get out of bed has been all over the place.  Tiredness has been an issue for over a year now, with periods where due to mental illness, I feel constantly […]

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Diary power for YOU

From time to time, throughout life, I have kept a Diary. The sequential, day by day empty pages are filled up with plenty of observations and nonsense of all kinds, and sometimes self-analysis of my reactions to these ‘observations’. If you decide to keep a Diary day by day, you will notice strange things start […]

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