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Where does compassion really come from?

Compassion – a deep concern for others and a strong desire to help them – is one of the most powerful means of human connection. We often associate it with a spontaneous, overwhelming emotional response to the suffering of another. However, it is also a positive way of relating to those around us, a sense […]

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Connections: share your story for our latest theme

For our summer theme at Mind Waves, we’re talking about connections. Connectedness is so important in good mental health and wellbeing. It’s the first of the five elements of the Scottish Recovery Network’s CHIME model of recovery. But what does that mean in practice? We want to know about how feeling connected, or disconnected has […]

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What is recovery? New animation from @SRNtweet

What is mental health recovery? from Scottish Recovery Network on Vimeo. There as many different definitions of recovery as there are people in the world. We love this new animation from the Scottish Recovery Network that shows in a simple and engaging way that recovery is a reality, whatever it means to you. The film […]

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