Summer time, tennis and wellbeing

Pollok Park tree parade

SUMMER time is upon us and its time to serve your way into boosting your mental wellbeing.  As soon as the sun starts to shine in Scotland there is a massive flux to the beaches, the jackets stay off and we all generally feel that little bit better about ourselves.

Sunshine is of course no cure of comfort for many in the depths of a depression but it really does help the majority with our mental wellbeing.

Spending time outside might make us feel that bit better about ourselves or even a tad more positive.  So, out comes the sunshine and Strawberries but one thing in addition to catching a few rays this Summer is that you can look after your own mental health by participating in some Summer sport too.

Tennis is an all year round sport but for many fair-weather fans the boom starts to hit now on the run up to Wimbledon, especially with that sun shining outside.  The beauty of this game is that you don’t need to be a Murray maestro to enjoy the benefits some gentle exercise like a light hit may have.

Two years ago saw the transformation of the courts at Brodie Park in Paisley, funded by the ATP and the scheme officially launched by Andy and Judy Murray.  The courts are free for all to use and open all year round, of course you need to bring your own racquet and balls but why not take advantage of the weather and give it a bash.

Judy Murray was back on the scene to officially re-open the courts and they have proved a hit in Paisley amongst locals.

We all know that a little exercise can go a long way in maintaining good mental health and nothing beats a little free activity, fingers crossed the sun will continue to shine.  You have nothing to lose except maybe a few pounds, do it for fun or even use the kids mini courts if your confidence on the full courts is lacking.

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