A real feast for the eyes – let this nature poetry transport you to a tranquil summer’s day in breathtaking surroundings

Our talented Community Correspondent Glen uses poetry to reflect on finding joy in Scotland’s dramatic scenery and captivating wildlife during summer.

Summers Day

As I lay upon that stoney bank

And gaped at the munros

A shiver passed right through me

From my head down to my toes.

I questioned where it came from

What could make me feel this way

The answers all around me

On that lovely summers day.

Butterflies they flutter past

With not a single care

Dancing with the hoverflies

Almost floating on air.

Swallows dip and twist and turn

Whilst feeding on the flies

Waistcoat red and cloak of black

A real feast for the eyes.


Minutes passed like seconds

On that lovely summers day.

Then a brilliant blue and orange

Flashed before my eyes

Kingfisher on a mission

Racing through the skies.

Red squirrel in the treetops

Leaping tree to tree

Not a care this summers day

He took no heed of me.

Deer rutting in the background

You can’t see for the trees

Roars and antlers mashing

Carried by the breeze.

Twilight gently nuzzled in

And the day was at an end

A day of peaceful solitude

When nature was my friend.

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