Learning from the competition

We like learning about what other people are doing.

One of the many great things about being a  finalist  in the Technology 4 Good ‘Community News’ Award and going to the awards ceremony in London was that we got a chance to meet the other finalists.  We thought we’d check in on what the others in our category were up to.

Haringay Online  is one of the oldest, busiest and friendliest community noticeboards.  The website has been going for 6 years and plays a significant role in sharing news and information with the neighbourhood.  People can go onto the website to ask questions, share information about local events, find a plumber, share photographs of the area as it was 50 years ago and much more.  It is still going strong and providing a link for the people in the area.

The award winner, Free Radio Brighton, is a volunteer run community radio station.  They use the radio to diversify, strengthen and integrate their community with programmes focussing on education, empowerment, mutual respect, disability groups, schools and the local community.  Their shows are hosted by people from all walks of life.  As they say ‘Brighton is full of voices’.  It is an inspiring project which is reaching much further than Brighton.

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