I SING LIKE WHITMAN – A poem from Derek

This week on the blog we’re sharing another poem from our poetry and life writing workshop a few weeks ago. Derek wrote this poem in response to the prompt, ‘write a love letter to yourself’. He was inspired by Leaves of Grass, a long poem by Walt Whitman that we focused on in a previous series of workshops. I loved reading this poem, getting to see more of Derek’s work is always a treat!


I sing like Walt Whitman
telling my story on leaves of grass
with my own notation- my own codes
Sometimes like Hildegard of Bingen
sometimes like Bob Dylan
sometimes like  a continuous loop of
“wouldn’t it be a Wondrous thing”
in a permanent Peace Camp
After the world has told its story
and the worst has been forgiven

These are difficult times
reaching out to confused fellow travellers
knowing their truth – knowing their sadness
knowing their joy- the meaning of all this meanness
whispering softly to the quiet cool earth
holding it -nurturing it -knowing our Self
Our Being connecting to the Whole

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