How meeting just one person has connected me into my community

Our Community Correspondent John Dane explains how connecting with just one person has opened up his community.

I’m involved with a project through Theatre Nemo, called Join the Dots. A couple of weeks ago, they had a silent disco, run by a woman called Gillian. We got talking and it turned out she was running another silent disco at a sheltered housing complex less than a mile away from my house.

She connected me with someone from the local Housing Association. He contacted me and he’s told me all about all these amazing things that are happening in my community. Every Tuesday they have a community breakfast that up to 80 people attend. On a Friday, a group of people get together in a local hall for tea and scones. Then in the afternoon, they gather at the sheltered housing residents’ lounge to watch films and have a chat. There’s also a garden with plenty of seating and raised beds that they’re encouraging us to use.

It’s amazing that, although I’ve stayed around here for 58 years, I had no idea that any of this was going on. I’ve not seen them advertised, but it’s all happening. All it took was one connection with one person and it’s opened all these new things up to me.

You can find out more about John’s experience with the Join The Dots project by reading his poem which we featured on the blog last month.

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