When I’m feeling anxious, just the noise of people eating infuriates me

Italian Spaghetti with tomato sauce on traditional home towel

A poem from our Community Correspondent David Bradley


It will soon be dinner time
oh no what a dread

if only they knew
the thoughts in my head,

with total strangers
it’s not so bad,
with family members
it’s rather sad,

I know who chews what
oh no what a thought,

crunch crunch, slurp slurp,
oh no, here we go,

I’m beginning to feel anger from within
can I hold on til the slurping’s gone?

scrap the plate, belch it out,
my patience has run out,

I can’t stand it any more
I head for the door,

it’s not their fault you see
it’s all down to me.


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