Friends – a poem by our Community Correspondent, John Dane

A poem from our Community Correspondent John Dane 

As I’m sitting here at home
I’m suddenly feeling all alone
Then I think of the life that I’ve had
There’s been a lot more good days than bad

I’m thinking back to when I was a boy
I’d shut myself away and play with a toy
I felt growing up that I was alone
Spending most of my time at home

Growing up I kept myself to myself
I felt like the last tin on the shelf
I’ve now moved on and I’m not looking back
I’ve finally come to the front of the stack

I’m now going out and meeting new friends
The lonesome feeling has come to an end
Someone to talk to that now understands
That can help me along and give me a hand

I feel a lot happier I’ve got good friends
I now hope that these days will never end

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