They say money makes the world go round…but what do you think? Introducing our brand new theme.

Each year the build up to the festive period seems to begin earlier and earlier meaning that money – or lack of it – is never far from our minds. Yet, even though money can have a huge impact on our health, relationships and daily lives, it is often seen as a confidential or even taboo subject which we avoid discussing.

So we want to know about your experiences, values and opinions when it comes to money and wellbeing. Have a look at these interesting prompts to get you thinking:

  • Is it true that money can’t buy happiness? Or is that just easy to say when you have some already?
  • Are you involved with an organisation or project that support people who are struggling financially?
  • Perhaps you have a story to tell about how gaining, losing or giving away money has had an impact on your life?
  • What do you think the government or powerful organisations should spend more/less money on?
  • Have you ever taken a big financial risk and was it worth it?

Whatever you have to say about money and wellbeing, we’d love to hear your unique perspective! If you’d like to share a story, opinion, video, photo, cartoon, or another means of expressing your ideas, then get in touch or tweet us @MindWaves1. We’ll be publishing money-related blogs for the next month or so, as well as chatting about it on a future episode of our podcast.


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