Everyone wants to be happy: what’s the magic recipe? #internationaldayofhappiness

relating_full_v2_400 Everyone wants to be happy, right? But you wouldn’t know it from the way we behave. Most of us just struggle to the end of each week. We’re more likely to be motivated by habit, or money, or status than the pursuit of happiness. In fact, many of us don’t think much about it until we realise we’re feeling unhappy. And when we do, there’s a whole industry of advertisers  ready to sell us the product that will make us as happy as the shiny people in the pictures. Of course, in reality, there’s no magic recipe for happiness. But according to Action for Happiness,  the latest research suggests there are a few key ingredients. And not one of them involves buying things. You can read more about their ten keys to happiness here. As part of the UN International Day of Happiness this Friday ( March 20th), they’re reminding us to take action on one of the most fundamental keys to happiness:  connecting with other people. You can download their action pack which is full of ideas to reach out to the people around you, like being kind and appreciating what’s good about the people closest to us. For those of us who are familiar with peer support, it’s no surprise that connecting with others can make you feel happier, but it’s always good to be reminded. If you do take action, don’t forget to share what you do using the hashtag #internationaldayofhappiness .

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