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“You’re not being unambitious. You’re doing what you’re meant to do in winter – staying warm, taking stock, resting” – why January is a joy for @verbisan

A guest post by Lynn Blair, a Glasgow-based lecturer and writer who home-educates four girls. She has been published in numerous anthologies by the Scottish Book Trust and Mother’s Milk books. You can follow her on Twitter @verbisan and Instagram @verbisanpix. At about 3am, once everyone else has gone to bed, when the bubbles have […]

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Taking the risk of being happy: a pessimistic Scot’s approach

A post from our Project Manager @rosiehopes My brother-in-law had a 1000 to one gambling win this week. Twenty grand, right before Christmas. Great news, isn’t it? Well, you’d think so, but when I contacted my sister to congratulate her, she wasn’t ready to celebrate. “I don’t like it,” she said. “Something bad will happen.” […]

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How to stay, or get, happy in later life #happinesshabitsWIP

In some cultures, older people are respected, revered even. In ours, not so much. Everywhere we go, we see images of young beautiful people, anti-ageing products, older people referred to as “dinosaurs” or as a burden. The little media coverage that older people do receive tends to focus on what’s difficult: loneliness, dementia, social care. […]

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