Community Wellbeing for All at Govanhill Baths


Govanhill Baths is a Glasgow institution. Opened between 1912 and 1917, it is Glasgow’s last surviving example of a Edwardian public bathhouse (or swimming baths, to any one who has grown up in or around Glasgow).

Since the baths’ closure in 2001 there has been continual campaigning to reopen the baths as a community wellness hub and prevent demolition. Thankfully charity trust status was achieved and the baths are now fully open and serving the community once again with a selection of regular events and clubs that are free to join and focus on inclusivity.

Sew La Tea Dough is a monthly meetup for anyone interested in sewing, learning to sew, upcycling, clothes swapping, clothes repair, let by experienced and friendly volunteer tutors. Refreshments and home-baking are available. You can’t sew on a tummy empty of cake, can you? If knitting or crochet in particular is your thing, then each week Cast Offs meet up to swap tips and patterns and is open to everyone from beginners to experts.

Why not try a different sort of needle work? Southside Archery meet up every Saturday and welcomes everyone from beginners to competitive archers. There is a big focus on coaching and mentoring in the club so even if you’ve never picked up a bow in your life before, there will be plenty of folk on hand to show you the ropes, or strings as it were.

Running in 8 week blocks there is a popular cookery class, Govanhill Grub, focusing on healthy, wholesome, and affordable cooking, and a yoga class especially focused on people who are new to yoga and fancy improving their health and flexibility. They run independently I might point out, it could get rather messy otherwise

If you want to find out more about what’s on at Govanhill Baths, or just to learn more about the history of the campaign to reopen this iconic building, head on over to the website.


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