Climate cafe with COPE Scotland: Climate change without the sense of despair


On the 21st April, Mind Waves facilitated a climate cafe with COPE Scotland on zoom. Read on for a summary of the event and links to the resources shared by Hilda from COPE Scotland.

The event was hosted by Hilda Campbell and focused on sharing information and resources around climate change whilst maintaining a positive outlook. Hilda realised that there was a feeling of hopelessness around conversations on climate change, and this was confirmed when a number of participants voiced that they felt disconnected and disengaged from environmental activism. So, this event was organised with the aim of keeping things positive whilst also facilitating realistic and open conversations around climate change.

We started the session by taking some time to breathe. Hilda led us through a mindfulness exercise, and then asked us to share why we had chosen to attend the session. We were lucky enough to have a small group, so despite some technical difficulties, everyone was able to talk freely and establish a comfortable atmosphere. The pace of the presentation was slow and considered, and there were plenty of moments to reflect on the content.

Hilda was generous enough to share her slides with me, so click here if you missed the session but would like to have a look at the presentation.

Thanks for reading! The cafe was a big success, and we especially enjoyed the mindfulness exercises. Get in touch if you would like to attend a future climate cafe with Mind Waves, or run a workshop of your own! Email, DM us on Instagram at @mindwaves_scot or tweet us @mindwaves1

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