Change, a Poem by John Dane


A poem by our Community Correspondent John Dane


The past we cannot live in

The present it must be

The future we must look to

It was always up to me

This journey an be lonely

If you don’t seek support

change can make a difference

get out from your fort

From being just a snail

A stuck within its shell

This change has been so good for me

It’s made me feel right well

So don’t think of the past

Just live life for today

Change can make things happen

In many different ways

The future is uncertain

No way for us to know

So put your best foot forward

For change it can be slow



One Response to Change, a Poem by John Dane

  1. Maureen Gilmour June 28, 2017 at 7:35 am #

    Love your poem John. Very thoughtful x

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