Beautiful images of spring from @stargazer1210

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There’s something about the first signs of spring that can make us feel hopeful even on our most difficult days.

Laura McGlinn, aka @stargazer1210 took these beautiful photographs that show spring in Scotland at its finest. Laura is the creator of the Wellbeing Signpost: a facebook page that focuses on the things that make us feel better.

Laura came along to our Mind Waves blogging workshop last month and explained that photography plays a big part in managing her mental wellbeing “for so many reasons”.  She says, “what you see here is what I’ve seen, without digital manipulation: a captured memory for me.”

  • Spring Meadow
    My favourite place, Fife and as a massive fan of Wizard of Oz, this was heaven for me. Stunning spring day the Barley ripening for harvest and sunshine. I would have happily lay down and drifted off in Dorothy style clicking my heels.
  • Daffodils
    Spring would never be the same without daffodils, the yellow and the lighter nights just breathe life for insects and birds. A must in the cycle of life and fond memories of always giving these to my Mum on March the 13th, fishing open day on the return journey with my Dad.
  • Spring Lamb
    Taken at St Abbs farm, East Lothian this was the shelter for the orphaned lambs and this little cheeky lamb had escaped from its pen and was just staring over to myself bleating away. It made me laugh, especially on the farmers return it squeezed back through. Just love a bit of mischief.
  • Starling Chick
    This was taken on Iona of the coast of Mull. Iona is a very special place where people travel from all over the world as a place of reflection and sanctuary.
    I felt very privileged when this little chap out of the vast wall appeared looking for its mum or dad for food.


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