7 Picks of (mostly) Free Events at the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 2017


The 2017 Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival is nearly upon us, and the theme this year is Reclaim. This theme has inspired the work of artists from Scotland and beyond. There will be over 300 events held across the country from 10 – 29 October.

We have selected 7 (mostly) free highlights of the 2017 festival programme.

Name: Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Type: Exhibition

Cost: Free

When: 10 – 29 October

Location: Various galleries around Edinburgh

About: A collaborative exhibition of work of over 100 artworks from people who have expressed mental health experiences through art. More info and bookings here.


Name: Becoming Cary Grant

Type: Film / Documentary

Cost: £5

When: Saturday 14 October

Location: The Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow

About: A screening of an award winning documentary about Cary Grant and his experiences of using LSD to come to terms with childhood trauma. Find out more and book tickets via the Eventbrite page.


Name: Pockets of Calm

Type: Workshop

Cost: Free

When: Wednesday 6 October & Thursday 7 October

Location: Rutherglen & Cambuslang

About: Pockets of Calm is a mindfulness centred mobile phone film making workshop. Learn how to create personal movies using just a phone and your surroundings. Find out more and how to register on the Healthy N Happy website.


Name: What Needs to Change

Type: Exhibition

Cost: Free

When: Wednesday 11 October – Friday 13 October

Location: Easterhouse Health Centre

About: Mind Waves friends Scottish Recovery Network and the Health and Social Care Academy are presenting the submissions to this summers’ Creative Competition on the theme of Change. More information here.


Name: Reclaim Your Right to Write

Type: Workshop

Cost: Free

When: Tuesday 10 October

Location: Muirfield Community Centre, Cumbernauld

About: Experienced writer and editor Catherine Bard hosts a creative writing and poetry workshop in a supportive group setting. Booking ahead of time is highly recommended. Find out more.


Name: Constructed Voices

Type: Exhibition

Cost: Free

When: Tuesday 10 October to Friday 20 October

Location: St Bride’s Centre, Edinburgh

About: An exhibition on constructivism, an artistic and architectural philosophy that emerged from Russia in the 1920’s with a focus on using art for social purposes. Find out more here.


Name: Marbles: Lost & Found

Type: Art and animation workshops and exhibitions

Cost: Mostly free

When: Monday 9 October to Saturday 28 October

Location: South Block, Glasgow

About: A mini-festival of art therapy focused exhibitions, workshops, and discussions from Creative Therapies. Events are held at various times through October. This looks to be particularly exciting! Find out about dates and times on Creative Therapies website.

You can find the full list of events over on the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival website.


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