Why we woke up proud to be Scottish on September 19 #indyref

A group of our Community Correspondents got together on the morning after the night before- September 19.

None of had slept very much and there was only one subject that anybody felt like talking about: what happened in the referendum.

Of course, some of us were quietly relieved, while others were sorely disappointed, but we all agreed on one thing. Every single person in the room said that, however we’d voted, the last few weeks had made us feel proud to be Scottish. Here’s why:

1. We’d realised that being Scottish could mean so many different things. It’s not about bagpipes and shortbread, and it doesn’t matter if you were born here. It’s about wanting the best for our country and taking responsibility for it.

2.  We’re proud that, whatever your views, we have the right to take to the streets, or go to the ballot box peacefully and without fear. There’s too few places in the world where you can say the same.

3. We are so proud of the 16 and 17 year-olds who educated themselves, spoke up and showed that they were deserving of a vote.

4. We were deeply, emotionally moved by the fact that there was such a high turnout. We’d made a video asking people with mental illness to make sure their voices were heard and it was clear that hundreds of thousands of people who had never exercised their right to vote before went out and had their say.

5.  We were proud that in every pub and cafe, on every bus and at every school gate, people were talking about politics.

6.  In Scotland, and especially in Glasgow, we’re used to people disagreeing, but we don’t let it define us. We’ re proud that we can disagree and then just get on with doing what needs to be done.

7. We were absolutely clear that it was about and led by ordinary people- not just politicians and the media.

8. We’re proud that we are changing things for the whole of the UK, and that when the world was watching us we showed them what people can achieve.

9. We know that there will be change in Scotland and that it will be for the better. “We have woken a sleeping giant”- and we’re proud to unite and work together to build a better Scotland.

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