What we wish you knew about young carers

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We made this: it sums up how we feel about caring and being with other young carers

The GAMH Young Carers group tells us what they wish we knew about young carers

“We are diverse”
There’s no such thing as a typical young carer. We are as different from each other as any other group of young people.

“I wish people knew how hard it is”
 It is tough to care for a loved one with a mental health problem and sometimes we need a break. We don’t want you to feel sorry for us, we just want you to try to understand.

“Just because my mum is disabled doesn’t make her a bad parent”
We think we’ve turned out pretty well. We all have talents, dreams and ambitions. We just also happen to have parents who have mental health problems.

“Our mental health needs attention too”
Don’t forget to ask us how we are feeling.

“Getting out and breaking away from the stress of home life makes all the difference”
We love the people we care for, but sometimes we need a break. Getting out to our group means we go back feeling stronger.

“Being surrounded by friends in my situation makes me feel like I’m not alone”
Coming along to a group of people who understand makes all the difference. We don’t sit and talk about mental health all the time, but we know that if we have a problem to share, it’s a safe space.


Are you a young carer? What would you add?

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  1. Pru Davies September 9, 2014 at 10:03 am #

    I fully support the excellent awareness raising and work of the GAMH Young Carers. As an Adult Carer using GAMH Carers Support I can only say how important they have been in my life, making a huge difference every step of the way in my caring role. The services provided by GAMH should be praised much more often. I for one could certainly not do without them.

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