What a team. Our first Community Correspondent recruitment session


Our correspondents enjoying lunch

Our correspondents enjoying lunch and having a chat


We delivered our first information session today to a packed room.

There was a real mix of people with great ideas, bags of enthusiasm and we all had a great laugh. There was also some lovely lunch and not one, but two, choices of home-baked cakes from the lovely Peter.

We’ve set up our first free training session, which will be on using video on audio, for June 20. It’s already oversubscribed, but let us know if you’re interested and we’ll set another date.

The theme of our session was “What makes you feel good?”. There were lots of great answers. Here’s a selection. Leave a comment or tweet us @mindwaves1 to tell us what makes you feel good.

What makes you feel good?

“Being here today. I’ll admit I used to be a bit of a loner, but now I’m here speaking in front of all these people and it feels good”

“Cake” (seconded by everyone in the room)

“Being near the sea”

“Friends and family”


I can’t wait to see the videos and blogs this lot come up with. Expect strong opinions, plenty of humour and a real feelgood factor.

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