Then Stigma Comes Along – our new blog theme

For the next month we will be focussing on the theme of stigma on the Mind Waves blog and our social media content.

This is inspired by many of the conversations that arose during Mental Health Awareness Week, with many campaigners, organisations and individuals highlighting how much still needs to be done about the stigma relating to mental illness.

It is a great opportunity to share many of our existing resources and insights, as well as to invite new voices to contribute.  To kick us off is “Then Stigma Comes Along”.   This animation, voiced by our Mind Waves Trustee Robert, was funded by the See Me Anti-Stigma Arts Fund back in 2021 but it is still as relevant as when it was first released!


Do you or your organisation have something to say about the theme of stigma?  If so we’d love to hear from you!  Get in touch with

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