To all my friends. Here’s how you can help after my dad’s death.


Daryl's dad Stephen died recently at 55

Daryl’s dad Stephen (pictured)  died recently at 55

A post from Daryl Gove, whose father Stephen died recently 

To all my beautiful friends that have been so so lovely to me over the last few weeks. Thank you for all your love. Thank you for those who came to the funeral, and those who helped us all in so many ways. And especially to those that stayed up all night in UK & Ireland to ‘be there’ with us.

Obviously this has been a hellish bunch of weeks, Doug’s Gran’s then Dad’s death. I love and cherish all the messages you have sent me. I wish I had it in me to reply to them all but I just can’t right now.

I think, one of the biggest things when someone loses someone close is knowing what to do…  So here are things (if you want) you can do that will help:

1) Don’t ask me how I am, trust me – I’m shit.

2) Keep sending me messages even if I don’t reply. They warm my heart just a little.

3) Stop by my house unannounced just to give me a cuddle. Or stay for a cup of tea.

4) Tell me about the good things in your life. Trust me, I’m not jealous, I wouldn’t swap places with anyone – even though. But I feel happy when I hear your good news, or see pics of you being happy with family/baby/partner/friends.

5) Invite me to do something, especially something new or different – I’ll probably say no – but it gets me thinking about the future.

Don’t wish me a happy birthday today – it won’t be. But if you wish, have a drink for me – and maybe decide to become more open with your beliefs on health. Question everything your doctors tell you, the papers tell you, and listen to your body.

My Birthday wish is that one or two of my friends who have never done it before go to a naturopath (herbalist/nutritionist). If you hate it and never want to go back, you have lost a bit of money. If you discover through them how to take control of your own health, how to stop looking for a quick fix and find and deal with the root cause of problems then that would make me exquisitely happy.


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