The friendly games in the friendly city #citizen2014

Our Community Correspondent John Dane talks about his experience of the games

In 2007 after reaching the shortlist it was finally announced that Glasgow was to be the Host City for the 2014  Commonwealth Games. There then followed a frantic seven years of planning and construction and the day finally arrived on July 23 2014.

It was called the friendly games and city waited with excitement and anticipation for the athletes and visitors to arrive.

I was fortunate enough to get tickets for the opening ceremony at Celtic Park and for the athletics at Hampden.

So on the Wednesday night at 6pm, my siste, my niece and I along with thousands of others went to Celtic Park for an amazing night of msuic, song and dance. A packed Celtic Park was introduced to the 71 countries of the Commonwealth participating in the Games. Music and storytelling followerd with the late night finishing at 11.30 and we finally arrived home at 1am.

There then followed 11 days of tp class competition and on the 6th day at 8 am we made our way to Hampden for a morning session of athletics. By this time the city was really buzzing and we were fortunate to have some of the best July weather that we’ve had for a long time. Speaking to some of the visitors to the games, they could not believe how friendly Glaswegians were. One told me that as soon as she brought out a map, someone was over asking what she was looking for .

A great games showcasing Glasgow as the friendly city and the games I was privileged to be part of.

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