‘The Appointment’ – John writes beautifully about the experience of being in hospital

Our Community Correspondent John Dane writes beautifully about the experience of being in hospital

I had a hospital appointment today
They say I’m going to have to stay
An ulcer on my foot has been giving me jipe
I hope it’s only for a couple of nights
I’ve been admitted to ward 11D
I hope I’ve arrived in time for my tea
I just got there but missed my tea
It’s a soft drink and a packet of sandwiches for me
The next thing, they’re asking me to score the pain
Then I look outside and it’s started to rain
I’m in the right place, it’s warm and dry
The pain relief is making me high
After a week I’m sent for a scan
I want to try and get home if I can
The results come back, I’m not getting home
They discovered I’ve got a disease in my bone
Strong antibiotics seems to be the plan
Through a drip and a needle put in my hand
After seventeen days I’m getting home
With antibiotics to take on my own
A four week course, three times a day
It’s a lot better than a hospital stay
With antibiotics I’m sleeping all day
But hopefully that’s me home to stay
Physio coming in every two weeks
To help me get back on my feet
Daily exercise has become a chore
After which I’m feeling quite sore
I’m waiting for a check to get the all clear
Then I can celebrate and have a good year.

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