“Resilience is more than an umbrella in the rain” – meet our photo competition winners

Between a rock, nothing is soft.

Meet John Richardson, from Eastbourne on the South Coast of England whose picture “between a rock, nothing is soft” won the best composition award in our resilience photo contest.

How long have you been interested in photography?
I’ve been fascinated with cameras and their capabilities since I was around 13.

Why did you choose the subject of a rock to represent resilience?
I enjoy using cameras to link the mind with our eyes, not just to document a moment, but to add a different perspective to it. I like to think hard, lifeless objects that cannot move and yet are surrounded by motion, are each unique witnesses to life, and I think the photograph is a perfect tool to portray their testimonies.

What does resilience mean to you?
Resilience is more than an umbrella in the rain, to me, it means having the adaptability to cope, when the world tries to drag you down. To be flexible, but not let the world tell you what to do. To not just be strong, but have the humility to change and in turn, believe the world can.

You can read more about definitions of resilience here. 

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