Recovery, Social Media and Participation in our own destiny

Geoff Huggins spoke for Government at the SRN Conference to address the needs of Scotland’s mental health and wellbeing.  He is the Head of the Mental Health team. He talked about how he believes in promoting well-being and preventing mental illness in the first place. The National Programme for Improving Mental Health and Well-being aims […]

Do you know a charity that has just moved its Head Quarters from Birmingham to Paisley to recruit more volunteers?

It is Fibromyalgia Association UK; Involving yourself and contributing to Community Groups has benefits for mental wellbeing. A condition like this gets you down sometimes; being part of an association where you get peer support or can contribute as a member or volunteer makes a difference for the good for everyone involved. Interview I […]

Still walking all over the world – and beyond

Thanks to help from groups and individuals across Scotland, the Inverclyde Globetrotters are now only 83,700 miles from Earth on their way back from the Moon. They are hoping to land softly back in Greenock before the year is out. If you would like to help the Inverclyde Globetrotters get home sooner you can contact […]

Diary power for YOU

From time to time, throughout life, I have kept a Diary. The sequential, day by day empty pages are filled up with plenty of observations and nonsense of all kinds, and sometimes self-analysis of my reactions to these ‘observations’. If you decide to keep a Diary day by day, you will notice strange things start […]

In An Alien Landscape – Brain injury drama

For a better understanding and visual experience of the difficult and sometimes bizarre World of brain injury, something that can happen to anyone at any stage in life, then Birds of Paradise Theatre Company’s “In an Alien Landscape” will be playing in a venue near you this February. Inspired from an actual event, Liverpool writer […]

Acumen – encouraging a sense of community

A SENSE of community is a vital tool in helping to create and encourage mental health wellbeing. There are many projects throughout Scotland which encourage service users to engage with others and in doing so, keep informed about mental health matters and also arrange activities that as group you can collectively look forward to. Charitable […]