“Maybe my health would be better if I was less stigmatised”-Maureen #HumansofScotland

What is normal? A usual day for me can vary. On a good day I can get up, dressed, get out with a friend. On a bad day, I stay at home in my jammies, eat rubbish and see no one.

Maybe my health would be better if… if I was normal? If I had less worries and stress about finance and people were less judgmental and opinionated. Maybe my health would be better if I was less stigmatised.

Sometimes I waste time staring into the TV, procrastinating, worrying. When I was able to work, I never had any spare time and now I find it difficult to relax. I feel guilty doing nothing and wasting time.

I get sad when I find myself shutting down, staying in bed, ruminating on my illness, my symptoms, my past life.

My supportive family and good friends help. Being able to share my thoughts and feelings makes me happier and healthier.

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