It really is a wonderful life with our Mind Waves volunteers!

On Monday afternoon we had our annual Mind Waves Christmas day out! It was such a great opportunity to take some time out and catch up with each other in a relaxed environment, especially at a time of year which can feel so hectic.

Getting in the Christmas spirit!

 We met at Cook and Indi’s world buffet restaurant in Glasgow and didn’t waste any time trying lots of different dishes. Nobody had room left for dessert but, in true Christmas fashion, we had some anyway! Everyone was so touched by Maureen giving each of us a beautiful hand knitted Christmas decoration filled with chocolate.

During lunch, we chatted about everything under the sun and, as usual, there were a lot of laughs. We spoke about the stuff we were looking forward to about Christmas but also some of the social, financial and emotional pressures it can bring. So it was quite apt that, after our meal, we headed to the Glasgow Film Theatre for a screening of the 1946 festive classic, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.

Maureen’s beautiful hand crafted gifts

Some of us have seen it many times over the years whilst others were watching for the first time. Either way, it definitely got us in the Christmas spirit (naturally, there were plenty of tears at the end!) and got us talking yet again.

David commented how, each time he sees the movie, he gains a fresh perspective on how much has changed in terms of culture and attitudes throughout the years since the movie was made.

Lorna observed that the movie’s themes of poverty and inequality are issues which need to be addressed in our world now more than ever.

It’s a cheesy feel good movie but it contains a serious message which is still relevant – we need to strive for a fairer society in which everyone can live with dignity, security and fulfilment.

It’s a Wonderful Life

In a great coincidence, on the same day as our festive cinema outing, famous quotes from ‘Its a Wonderful Life’ had been painted on platforms at Glasgow Central Station. The project is part of a festive campaign by the charity Rethink Mental Illness, who partnered with Virgin trains to emphasise what a difficult time Christmas can be for many people, and that mental health doesn’t stop being a concern over the festive period. 4.5 miles worth of the movie’s script have been painted on rail platforms across the U.K.

Colin Leslie of Rethink explained, “At Christmas in particular, we want people to know that there is help available if they need it…we can only hope the message of kindness continues long after the paint is gone”.

Words from It’s a Wonderful Life at Glasgow Central station

Thank you to our Community Correspondents for a great day out and for all of the brilliant contributions you have made in 2018. And thank you to all of our Mind Waves friends and supporters – we wish you a very merry and peaceful Christmas.

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