“I’m no good with technology”: basic IT courses to help you tell your stories

man learning at computer

When I go out to work with potential Community Correspondents, I often hear the same phrase repeated:

“I’m no good with technology.”

I always reassure people that it’s no barrier to being involved with our project. We want to hear about the things that improve your wellbeing, whether you make a polished video or scribble it down on the back of a hanky. Yes, technology helps us to tell our stories in interesting ways, share the stories and often makes things easier for people who struggle with literacy. But it’s not the most important thing.

However, if you do want to learn more about using technology to have your say, we can help. We provide free training to show people the easy ways to record video and sound,to display your photos or to write a blog post. If any of that could help you or your organisation, please get in touch.

As for “using computers”, we don’t require you to have any IT skills, but if you want to pick up the basics, there are lots of courses available. Our Community Correspondent John has been in touch with the Digital Learning Team at his local library in the Gorbals- and they’re setting up some free courses to help some of our Community Correspondents. If you’d be interested in getting involved, contact us or send us a tweet and we’ll add you to the list.

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