Growing up in Glasgow

Our Community Correspondent Lorna Cosh reminisces about her experiences of growing up in Glasgow’s Morrin Square, which no longer exists.

Lorna still lives in Townhead, but she feels that something of the community spirit she knew has been lost. She talks about visiting the public baths and all the neighbours who she called aunties and uncles, Lorna has been remembering her story as part of the GAMH personal history project. She believes that telling your stories can improve individual and collective wellbeing.

“When I was young, I got history lessons, but I was bored.  I wasn’t interested in what happened a hundred years ago. But now I wish I had listened. History is what we are and it’s what we have done and what we pass on to our family and the next generation.”

Image by Community Correspondent David Bradley.

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  1. Jenny Bunting January 8, 2015 at 12:07 pm #

    Lorna tells her story so beautifully – she conjures up so many nostalgic images which remind me of my own childhood.

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