“Getting up and doing one thing, no matter how small, pleases me” – #HumansofScotland inspired stories from our Community Correspondents

There is no normal day, but getting up and achieving one thing, no matter how small, pleases me.

What I need is financial security, a warm roof over my head and food to eat. The simple pleasures: sunlight through the trees, the moon on a misty evening, a snuggle from the dog.

My health would be better if I had financial security and was able to socialise a bit more. I’m a bit lonely.

One thing that makes me sad is an uncaring attitude to the earth, people, animals and the natural world. The damage on all levels breaks my heart.

I don’t worry about wasting time. I used to always be busy, busy, working, doing, volunteering and what did that get me? A total loss of my health.

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