Endurance: Finding love during lockdown.

This weeks blog post was written by our wonderful community correspondent Maureen for our current content theme of Endurance. Her words are below.

Four months ago I decided it was time to get myself back out there onto the dating game. Having discussed this with my daughter we decided that the best way forward, given lockdown and the Covid restrictions, was online dating. It seemed the most appropriate way to “meet” someone.
I created a profile with basic information and joined a dating website.

After a few weeks of chatting to a couple of men, some scammers, some strange to say the least, I decided that perhaps this wasn’t for me. I went onto the website to delete my profile and this face appeared – big brown eyes and a cute cheeky smile. I was immediately attracted to him.
We matched on the site and so began our relationship.
He is in the military and currently stationed in Libya. Due to the nature of his work he is unable to make or receive calls, send selfies or video call. All of our conversations are via Whatsapp.

I was initially reluctant to share information with him without having first received any but that quickly changed.
He told me about his family, his past, his hobbies and interests. I was immediately struck by how much we had in common.

Over the course of the next few months we became closer, finding more and more mutual interests and similarities.
We chat every night, often for hours on end and never run out of conversation. I find him easy to talk to. He ticks all of my boxes for what I want in a partner and tells me we are soul mates. He is due to retire from the army at the end of this tour and is keen to come home to start our life together.

I know that some of my friends are sceptical about online dating and the reality of the man behind the chat but I remain optimistic and happy to wait for him to come home.
My friends and family have all noticed the positive changes in me and I am a much happier and contented person. My self confidence has grown and I am much more assertive.

He has helped me put my past behind me.

I find it strange that I can miss someone I have never physically met and have such strong feelings for someone I have never met in person, but I trust this will work out for us, that I will get my “happily ever after”.

Love is such a strong emotion – one that I have never truly had in a relationship, but I am prepared to take that lead, see how this develops and live for our future.

I continue to have that nagging doubt, the realist in me, that will not leave until he is standing in front of me, face to face, and he accepts that. It’s human nature.
But until he comes home we will continue to allow our relationship to flourish and endure the time and distance between us until we are together.

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