Bowls for Well Being

I started bowling three years ago, lawn bowls that is, not to be confused with indoor bowls or indeed carpet bowls …who would have thought there were so many different types and I haven’t even mentioned crown bowls!

When I mention I Bowl, I’m always amazed by peoples reaction. I’ve been told that it’s an old persons game that it’s for people who can’t do anything else ,that it’s a clique for gossipy old men and women…..lots and lots of old myths and opinions.

I came to my club not knowing anyone, not knowing the history of the game, not knowing the etiquette involved and to be truthful some apprehension because I too had my own ideas about Bowlers! I joined the ladies section of the club and have had a ball.  This summer I tried to bowl three times a week, more if there were friendlies and I even entered a few competitions. I’ve made some really good friends and met a lot of nice people, and been out in the fresh air too!

There was even one memorable afternoon when I was playing a pairs competition, my partner and I were being really well and truly beaten the rain was horizontal, we were soaked through and desperate to finish the game but no we were made to play on and on until we had covered all the rules. We were SO WET!!

The rest of the club were watching us from the clubhouse as we trailed our way through to the changing rooms leaving a trail of wet prints behind us!!!!

The time to join a Bowling Club is when you can!!!!  Because you’ll have a great time and who would guess about the skill involved, because believe me there is!!! There are lots of clubs throughout the country.  We even took our bowls on holiday up north and spent a great time with the locals.

Enjoy and maybe I’ll meet you on the Bowling Green.

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