Being good and being social

In December Mind Waves got the opportunity to tell the world about our first year (or so).

I was asked to give a presentation at a Be Good Be Social networking event.  These events bring together people who are interested in how social media can be used to do good in the world, such as get over the message that voluntary organisations want to spread, and enable people to use social media to have a say.

There were many people who were interested in what Mind Waves has been doing.  It feels good to know that our experience can be useful to other voluntary organisations when they are planning to set up similar projects, with people who use services gathering stories and writing the material.

I also met people who are keen to work with us over the next year or so.  There was a presentation by the team who gathered the stories of ordinary people about the Olympic torch going round Scotland which I really enjoyed.  They are now working on using social media to get the stories of people in the lead up to the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.  I came away from that with lots of ideas on ways we could work together……

It was not just the people in the room who heard the presentations, though.  We were being live streamed, which meant that people living round the corner saw it along with people on the other side of the world.  But that fits well as Mind Waves News is  now reaching people in 43 countries.

I’ve written up the presentation and some of the other people involved in Mind Waves have helped expand it.  This is the book coming after the movie, with a bit more depth and a few extra characters.

You can read the paper on the website:  Mind Waves: The Story

Anne Connor, Outside the Box

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