What have you achieved this decade? It’s a cruel question

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A post from our Community Correspondent Robert Terry

It’s only a few weeks until the end of the decade and I’m told there’s a question doing the rounds on social media.

What have you achieved in the last decade?

It’s a cruel question designed to make you feel like a loser, a failure, if you’ve not achieved much or anything, by way of material gains. Plus, it looks like something Cambridge Analytica would ask.

Instead, ask yourself:

What have I done to make a better world? Am I recycling more?

Do I give money or food, to someone sleeping on the streets and want for nothing in return?

What have I done to be a better person, in general, changing a bad trait into a good trait?

Think of other questions like this for yourself, then answer them for yourself.

Not everything is about material gain. It’s about living a good life the best you can and leaving the world around us, in better shape than we found it. Ignore those who want to spread self-loathing and hate for others. Be good to yourself and those around you.

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