Top tips for staying mentally well in the Scottish winter

So many of us struggle through the winter months. It’s cold and dark and we just don’t know when it will end (last year’s Beast from the East in March has left a lot of us with trust issues…)

But it comes every year and we’ve found ways of coping with it. Here are some top tips from people who have lived experience of dark days in the winter.

“It’s ok to hate winter, don’t feel like you have to feel positive about it. I just get my head down and wait for spring.”

“Count down to the shortest day- it’s much earlier than you think and the days start getting longer from there”

“When it’s cold and dark outside, out the fire on, close the curtains and have a cosy day in. Wrap in a warm blankets and even invite some friends to join you if you want.”

“Soup. It’s the answer to so many questions.”

“Get a wee hand radio and take it to bed with you. Just go through the stations, you’ll always find something interesting.”

“Go for a walk to relieve the blues. It will top up your vitamin d and get the feel-good endorphins going at the same time”

“Stay warm, layer up and get yourself an electric blanket. Best thing I ever bought!”

“Get into something creative. Photography, poetry and music make you feel better and don’t rely on good weather.”

“Make use of the available light whenever it’s there. Grab time outside whenever you can- it makes a difference.”

“Stay positive and look ahead. This too shall pass.”

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