Ten years of making waves – How Mind Waves helped me realise my passion for writing

This week we are continuing to reminisce and reflect on the impact of Mind Waves over the past decade. We have a post from one of our fabulous community correspondents, Anne-Marie, her words are below.

When I first started writing for MindWaves almost 7 years ago, I had very little writing experience. I’d only recently received my bipolar diagnosis and was feeling very lost. MindWaves gave me a place to express myself and helped me to feel less alone. It gave me a creative outlet that I didn’t know I needed.

MindWaves made me feel part of something! Feeling that I was helping others and connecting with other people who really understood what I was going through was invaluable. It also built my confidence as a writer.

Writing for MindWaves gave me a sense of purpose and motivation. It helped me to feel like myself again. I realized I was enjoying writing about my experience and liked having something to really set my mind to. From there, I started writing more regularly. I gradually built my writing skills and realized this was something I wanted to pursue.

Over time, I became a full-time freelance writer. I’ve written about a range of subjects over the years, including mental health, and I love it. Writing has allowed me to pursue a career that fits around my physical and mental health. It allows me to do something I’m extremely passionate about.

Without MindWaves, I might never have realized my passion for writing or had the confidence to explore it further. It’s something I will always be grateful for. If you’re thinking about getting involved with MindWaves, or any mental health project in your area, I would highly recommend it. It fosters a sense of community and can be incredibly empowering.

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