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Connectedness – Maureen explores how we piece together the bigger picture of our lives

A thought-provoking post from our Community Correspondent Maureen Gilmour. Pieces of our jigsaw fall into place as we go through life. Each piece joined together, connect to make the bigger picture that is our life. It’s finding the correct piece of jigsaw at  each stage that gives us that connection that we desperately seek. The connection […]

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The Elephant in the Room – a Blog from Marilena

The obvious problem and the obvious solution. Empathy is a genuine response that connects us with others and helps us understand others’ feelings but also brings closer to the idea of shared humanity. Without empathy, undoubtedly, this world would be a very hostile place to live in. It is indeed very comforting to be sure […]

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A good friend feels with you

  One of our Community Correspondents summed up friendship as this: “A good friend feels with you: hugs you when you’re sad, laughs when you’re happy and catches you when you fall.” The beauty is that it’s not about doing anything. Often, when a friend is struggling, we want to rush in and fix things. It’s hard […]

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