Sitting in This Room: a poem about #recovery from depression

woman sitting in chair

It’s amazing the difference that getting out and meeting people can make when you are depressed.

I met a brilliant group of women at Revive in Castlemilk recently. They have taken over a church hall in their community and transformed it into a real hub.

One of the group members wrote this poem about the difference that being involved has made to her mental wellbeing.

Sitting In This Room

Sitting in this room feeling sad and ill

Don’t know what to do

Doctor said – take this pill you’ll feel brand new.

Sitting in this room feeling down, depressed and low

I need to get out I hear me shout

But there’s nowhere to go.

Sitting in this room I want more but I need help to open that door

I need to survive and feel alive so what can I do?

I join REVIVE and feel brand new!

Poem by REVIVE member.

One Response to Sitting in This Room: a poem about #recovery from depression

  1. Pru Davies November 10, 2014 at 10:07 am #

    What an inspirational piece of prose! The power of peer support, being with a group of like minded women or men or mixed folks can so often be just the tonic that’s needed to kick start the “believing in myself as others seem to do” that builds self confidence and self esteem – the two most frequent losers when mental health issues raise their heads. Magic!

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