“My happy days are when I feel good in my head” – Christina #HumansofScotland

My happy days are when I feel good in my head. It depends how I wake. Some days I can get so angry, for good reasons.

I was forced to come here from Africa when I was 17. I see things about trafficking on the TV and I get angry. It’s still happening to other people.

When I come to Mind Waves I can forget about my problems. I feel like I am believed, I’m not judged. I feel listened to. I feel safe. We are all human beings.

When I get angry, the whole day goes wrong. I get stuck in the past, it gets me so down.

If I could have a husband, a family, I would feel happier. But the things that happened to me mean that can’t happen.

I feel at home at Scotland, but it’s not my home. I’ve been here for more than 20 years. I wish I could go back to my family, but it’s not safe for me.

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