Introducing our new Mind Waves theme – do you have something to say about ‘age and wellbeing’?

Recently our Community Correspondents interviewed each other about what their 16 year old self would tell them now. Our conversations brought up so many interesting ideas and questions that we have decided on age and wellbeing for our new Mind Waves theme.

Age, and attitudes towards it, can hugely influence how we feel about ourselves. It is a topic which is spoken about in simplistic, or even divisive, ways. Yet the experiences which make up the different stages of our lives are rarely linear. They don’t often fit into neat boxes labelled young or old.

So we’d love to hear your views on the relationship between age and wellbeing:

  • Have you done something that people wouldn’t expect of ‘someone your age’?
  • Does your project involve or support people at a particular stage of life? Or even bring generations together?
  • Which particular milestones have been significant in your life?
  • Do you worry about getting older or do you find it liberating?
  • Does your friendship group include people from different generations? What brings you together?
  • Does your community have traditions/attitudes related to age which differ from the dominant ones in Scotland?

Whatever you have to say about age and wellbeing we’d love to include your unique perspective! If you’d like to share a story, opinion, photo, illustration or another means of expressing your views then get in touch or Tweet us @MindWaves1. You can also follow and use our hashtag #ageandwellbeing.

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