“In our darkest moments we often forget how strong we are” – some inspiring words about change, strength and personal growth.

We are delighted to share this inspiring piece of writing called ‘Time for Change’ by our new Community Correspondent Vickie Van Middel.

I have heard that the moment a person experiences true humility, real pit of the stomach humility, is that moment when their burdens become so heavy that they finally drop to their knees and acknowledge the need for help.

You see it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows.  Life can, and will be, hard but one must always hit rock bottom before one can even begin to rebuild.  Why? You might ask. The reason why is because rock is a solid foundation upon which to build your new Kingdom.

In our darkest moments we often forget how strong we truly are – yet we are our own worst critic and not only that, we are criticised by media, family, friends, lovers and the government.  We are all circles being pushed into square holes. “Dress like this.”, “Think like that.”, “Be this.”, “Do that.”  All this negative energy poured into us and we absorb it like a thirsty sponge.

Do we ever stop to think about how far we’ve come?  Everything we’ve ever been through yet it has never broken us, we never truly snapped, we are still here, still fighting, not just surviving but living.  In the words of Maya Angelou “…Still I rise.”

I think it’s all about that moment when you plant your feet on the ground and decide you won’t back down and won’t be moved no matter what happens in life.

It’s seeing your fears and anxieties like a mighty oak in a forest of dread that has held you captive for so long but your strength and resolve are like an axe you wield that allow you to conquer the oak.

So wear your inner strength like outer armour complete with a glove like gauntlet and be ready to fight the world.

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