Good Morning – A poem about anxiety


This week on the blog we’re sharing a poem about anxiety from our longtime community correspondent, Angela McCrimmon. I hope it brightens your Monday morning! Her words are below.


Good Morning

Good morning, hello, yes how do you do?
I believe we’ve already met,
I’m the one who lives inside of you,
Lest you ever forget.
I’m in control, I assure you it’s true,
I will always be your friend,
From the moment you wake ’til the day is through,
Right through ’til it’s very end.
Sometimes you’re nasty and you tell me to go,
So I retreat for a little while,
Give it some time, I’ve no doubt I know,
In the end you will make me smile.
You will make me smile for I know it’s true,
I laugh while you wriggle and squirm,
I’m loyal and won’t walk away from you,
It’s me that makes you toss and turn.
I’ll whisper gently, you will hear my voice,
Even when you don’t know I am there,
I’ll help you see that it’s not your choice,
Unconditional love I will care.
What makes you think you can do this alone?
What gives you the right to say?
You tell me you would rather be on your own,
You scream at me, “PLEASE GO AWAY!!”
Don’t worry, I know just to give you some time,
I know I’ll make you understand,
Just stick with me, I’ll make everything fine,
You just have to hold out your hand.
No need to reach far as I’m always so close,
It’s “our secret” I know you will keep,
Just shut out the world and don’t let them know,
Just tell them that you fell asleep.
Don’t tell them it’s because I get angry with you,
How dare you try to walk away!
How dare you question if my words are true,
For your doubt I will make you pay.
I’m expensive you know, money can’t buy,
I’ll cost you so many things,
I’ve taken your courage so don’t even try,
I’ll take over everything.
Good morning, hello, yes how do you do?
I KNOW that we’ve met before,
“Anxiety’s” my name and you know it’s true,
I’m waiting outside your front door.



Thank you so much to Angela for sharing this poem. I’m sure the way that she personifies anxiety will be familiar to many of you, I certainly found it very relatable. If you have a poem or piece of writing to share, please get in touch with us by emailing

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